If I had to list the top 10 problems with our modern world, a lack of resting/sleep would probably be at the top of the list. Another would be chronic stress. Americans are chronically over stressed, under rested and under slept. We prioritize many things over sleep. It leads to poor health, poor productivity and poor quality of life.

It amazes me that God tells us in the very beginning the importance of resting. It goes all the way back to genesis and the beginning of time. Humans must rest. Bad things happen when we forget this important priority.

The other problem I have faced within myself is knowing what constitutes as resting. When I was younger I would often did things that were not very restful on my one day of rest. Similarly someone that does manual labor for a living probably should not train for a marathon on his one day of rest. Rather reading a book may be restful.

My point is resting does not look the same in every person. What does resting look like for you? How often are you doing it? How many hours are you sleeping? Is your sleep, quality sleep? I think God cares way more about the answers to these questions than being the very best or pleasing others who demand to much. Even if that demanding person is yourself. Amen.

1 thought on “Resting”

  1. Resting in God. How many of us actually do that? Or do we allow worry, anxiety, fear, and tension to take up the majority of our moments while we live in our problems and troubles apart from His Presence? It is all a matter of our own perspective when it comes to Life itself. Timothy


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