Why, why, why

If I had a dollar for each time my husband said why I would be a billionaire. He is like a little kid always asking why. This makes him a good researcher but I often find myself snapping back, “I don’t know, call the ——-“. All children go through the phase of questioning there parents. When they are little babies they never ask why but as they grow older they start to think for themselves. They start to question. They start to form there own ideas. They start to ask why. I think we have all asked our parents the question why and received an angry “because I said so” in return. It does not matter where you grew up, who your parents are or what culture you were brought up in. All humans as the same. We question.

One of the biggest questions my husband has been asking me is why does God give the commands he gives? He is God, why did he choose the methods he choose to save the world? Why as a Christian do we do certain things? Why, why, why?

Sometimes my husband wares me out and I snap at him, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask God instead of me.”

I have meet people who think of God’s commands, instruction and ways as harsh, mean, hard. Some people even say I do not want to be a Christian, it takes all the fun out of life, there are to many rules. Actually I very much disagree. God give us few rules, Christian culture historically is the one that gives us an abundance of rules. But there are certain things God tells us we should and shouldn’t do. Why does he tell us this? I personal belief is that God wants us to be healthy. He wants us to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. When we are abiding in Jesus and following him we will be more healthy. The things God cautions us against are not to keep us from experiencing some good thing, no they are to protect us from something unhealthy.

When I have encountered something in life I was not sure was right or wrong. When I have encountered something I was unsure of what to do I pray to ask for God’s wisdom but I also like to ask these questions:

1. Is this “thing” facilitating improved physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in myself in others.

2. Is this “thing” facilitating love of self, others and God?

3. Is this “thing” following the laws of the land.

If the answers to these questions is yes then I tend to give it a green light. If the answer is no then red flag, maybe God is trying to show you that that “thing” is not so good after all.

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