The Fire Starter

One of the things my husband and I have enjoyed about our current house is there is a real fireplace. We have been using it frequently. I very much enjoy the flames, heat and sounds. The sounds of the flame is always peaceful. Yesterday my husband and I were celebrating a big event for us and he started the fire. Well he tried to start the fire. He put all the logs in the fireplace, used flame starting blocks, placed lighter fluid over the wood but the fire was short lived. It ignited but went out.

I ask my husband, “here let me try…..” It was not five minutes later and the fire was blazing. My husband just stared at me, “how did you do that?” Oh how the fire lite the whole room.

It was a reminder of many things in life. For I tend to be very good at getting fires going but not very good at maintaining them. My husband on the other hand is not very good at starting fires but he is very good at tending them and keeping them going. Similarly he is good at putting out the fires that I tend to start in inappropriate places.

The Bible uses fire as an analogy for many thing. Fire and heat is often used to depict hell. But it is also used to describe purification. Fire can cleans. When I was a child I saw a couple of forest fires. I even saw my dad start a couple of forest fires. The fire burns everything down and replenishes the soil with nutrients. The end result is normally a more healthy, abundant, productive field. In Christian circles there is a common theme that God often brings good things out of brokenness. That after we go through season where it feels like our lives are being torn to shreds or we feel like our inner field has been set aflame that the end result is something better than what was previously present.

Maybe sometimes God has to allow thing to be burned down for something else to be born anew. That being said I am also reminded that wet wood doesn’t catch fire. Jesus is the only source of living water.

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