God’s Design

As a doctor I studied humans. I studies the human body, human behavior and human relationships. I learned a lot about humans. One of the cool things about humans is that we are all so alike yet all so different. Some people are short and stalky. Other tall and thin. Some people have strong personalities some gentle. Humans are incredibly complex. Similarly we all have different skills, training, education and abilities. Some of us have special talents others are good as simple tasks.

I myself have struggled to know and understand what God has designed for me. I have many skill sets and abilities. Sometimes the extent of my skills is more or a burden then anything. Similarly I have deep desire to use these skills to help others and improve others lives. Yet I also have a series of thing that keep me from utilizing these skills fully. This brings frustration. “God why have you gifted me these things when I cannot use them fully? What’s the point?”

My struggle with these questions has brought me down a road where I had to accept my limitations and accept who I am as a person. But it has left me with the question of “God what did you design me to do on this earth?”

Am I to be only a housewife or something more. If so then what? God what ministry do you have for me?

Every person wrestles with these questions at some point in there life. But I sometimes think we should be asking ourselves these questions more often then not. We often get into patterns in life with work and family. We go about our lives one day and a time. There is nothing wrong with this. But are you doing it in service to God? Are you actually working at the ministry God has designed for you?

I think to address these questions we have to look at what I mean by ministry. Similarly we have to ask God for wisdom to know where our priorities should be. I personally define ministry as being the living creatures you are serving and your means of serving them. Everyone should be serving someone. Whether it be your family, your work colleagues or helping starving children in Africa. It does not matter whether you are a housewife, doctor or lawyer. We all should be serving others and working to spread God’s message and love to others. How that looks is very dependent on how God created you and in which ministry you are working.

What matters most is the heart behind your reason for doing what your doing. Is your heart that you are doing what your are doing in service to God your creator? Is your ministry making this world a better place? If your answer is yes than sounds like you have a beautiful ministry. If your answer is no then maybe you should talk to God about either changing your heart or changing your ministry.

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