Being Still

The other day I said I was starting to get a little bored. I think it might actually be the first time my entire life I am bored. I have always had a million things going on. I actually think being bored has caused a certain amount of unease or anxiety. For being idle means I could be doing something useful. If I am not doing something useful with myself I am wasting a resource, that must be bad right?

But God does not think this way. He actually encourages us to “Be Still and Know HE is God.”

There are some people that need motivation to do a little more but for people like me who tend to overwork and over push ourselves sometime we need to be reminded that God is infinite and perfectly capable of accomplishing his task and will without my assistance. Getting to work for his kingdom is a blessing to me for I am his child, it is not a requirement, obligation or necessity.

God will do what God is going to do. It is not good to be idle or lazy but it is ok to rest. It is ok to be bored on occasion. I often have to remind myself of this truth. God wants me, he wants to bless me but he does not require me to be a constant workaholic. He will accomplish his tasks.

So maybe it is ok for me to be bored and allow God to use someone else in my steed. For God is so much bigger than we like to think he is.

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