My Friend and My Gardener

In the beginning of time God walked among Adam and Eve in the garden of eden. After humanities fall due to sin there was separation between God and humanity. Later God gave humanity the 10 commandments through Moses. The Jewish people established a place of worship and inner sanctuary. A inner holy place known as the tabernacle. Jesus was later born and God himself through his son Jesus again walked among his precious creation. Through his death and resurrection humanity regained the opportunity to walk in relationship with God.

Later the church, known as the bride of Christ or body of Christ was born. People for hundreds of years have gathered in churches to worship, hear God’s word and fellowship with him. But is this really the template God created or is this a human made creation?

My person view is that God is restoring humanity to be in perfect communion with him. But what does that look like for us today? The vision I feel like God has given me is that I need no building. I need no sanctuary. I need no alter. Why? My inner self is this place. My inner self is the place that houses God’s Holy Spirit. It is the place that he is rebuilding the a garden of eden. It is the place that he chops my weeds, harvests my fruit, removes my thorns. God through the Holy Spirit is my gardener and friend. The garden of eden is potentially inside each of us. My place of walking with God in communion with him is inside me. I am his temple.

On the other hand the body of Christ, the church, God’s people as a unit are needed. For we need discipleship, fellowship, Protection, and nurturing. My garden will feed others. Similarly I need the fruit from others gardens to feed me. God designed us to be interdependent otherwise we are like a single lamb being hunted by many hungry wolves.

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