When we forget to walk

One of the things my husband has discussed on several occasions is the disconnect between people identifying as a Christian and living as a Christian. When I was I child I equated being a Christian as meaning that you were a “good” person. If you were what I throughly was a “bad” person you could not possibly be a Christian.

Of course there are many many many issues with this thinking. First and foremost I am not God thus I am not the judge between what is good and bad. Similarly I have meet many people who identify as Muslim that are amazing people and much “better” people in my eyes than many of the people who identify as Christian. Similarly I have had many people identify as Christian who just watched me suffer but then I had a Jewish man who took very good care of me.

My point is that identifying as Christian does not make you a “good” person. Similarly there are many people who are atheists or of other religions that do wonderful things. So if identifying as a Christian does not make you automatically a good person what does?

My personal opinion is that you have to be walking with him. Walking with Jesus through the discipleship of others is what transforms our hearts so that we better reflect Jesus. If you say yeah, I’m a Christian, I believe that Jesus is the son of God, but you never walk with him then you will be no different than any other person living based on your own convictions of what you deem to be right and wrong. And living by our own convictions is not living like Jesus.

Living by your own convictions is essentially saying you are the one that is to judge of what is right and what is wrong. Sounds like we have a lot of people who have made themselves God. I am guilty. I have done this. I am thankful that my walking with Jesus is transforming me into the women he wishes me to be. I am thankful that Jesus washes me of all my mistakes. I am thankful that each day is a new day that I can walk with Jesus so that he can teach me to live in a way that is opposite of my own convictions. Are you walking with him or standing still?

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