When I take my dogs for a walk I put a leash on them. Why do I put a leash on them? Well it is to keep them safe, protected from nearby cars and from getting lost. For without the leash my dog Coco runs off chasing things and he does not know how to find his way back. My dog Itsy does not see well and her tendency is to run in the middle of the street and turn in circles repeatedly. Similarly they typically run in opposite directions leaving me unable to chase after both of them. The leash is not to limit there freedom rather it is to make sure they stay connected to me. For apart from me they lack protection, nurturing and direction. Apart from me they are lost.

The leash connects us but it is not a burden. I never attach back packs, loads of things and ask my little 4 lbs dog to carry the burden of howling luggage. She is not made for that. The weight of that burden would weight her down. She cannot carry the load.

I truly believe that God has designed us each for different tasks. For the task that I am designed for is not the same as the task my husband is designed for. It is not the task that our friends are designed for. We each are designed for something. Part of the reason we need to be connected to God through Jesus (our leash) is so that we know what we are designed for.

When we are acting in accordance to what God has designed us, we are like my little dogs on the leash. They are connected with no baggage. They are carrying no loads. They do not have to haul things that weight them down. So often we store up baggage. We are told we need to carry certain burdens. We feel obligated to certain things that we are not designed to carry. They weight us down because we are carrying something we where never intended to carry.

The world and people often give us things that we were never intended to carry. But when we are acting in accordance to the task that God has intended for us we are like my 2 dogs on the leash. Connected yet free. Are you connected yet free?

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