When did Jesus say I had to go to “church” to be a Christian?

When I think about Jesus’s teachings, when I think of his commands. He taught many things. He tells us to pick up our cross and follow him, he said to do the will of the father, he said to feed the hungry, etc. He said go out and build disciples. But he never said go to church and sit on your ass.

Many people are talking about the rapid movement of young people leaving church. There is so much focus on whether you do or don’t go to church. I admit in my younger years I equated being a Christian as going to church. That was just part of the package. But the older I get the more I realize this was not what Jesus taught.

Go out into the world. Be my harvester. Never does he tell me that being a Christian means you go to church as we view it in our modern day. Rather Jesus says we are to believe in him, be his follower. Maybe the problem with the Christian Faith is not that people are leaving church. Maybe the problem is what we define as the Christian Faith.

I am not saying going to church is a bad thing. I am not saying we should not go to church. But what I am saying is going to church is not the defining factor to being a Christian and how we define “church” may need to be rethought. If you define going to church as going to a building, sitting on your ass and listening to someone talk when you don’t really even remember what they talked about then that’s not what Jesus taught. You can go to church and not be Christian. Similarly you can not go to church as we typically define it today and be a Christian.

2 thoughts on “When did Jesus say I had to go to “church” to be a Christian?”

  1. God wants people who are are willing to work in the secular world to spread his word. I agree 100 percent with your view. Going to the church is important to me. However the most important thing is to act according to the word of God. Jesus went out to talk to the gentiles and non believers. We should listen to the spirit of God within ourselves to receive revelation of his plan for our lives. Please continue witting. I love reading your blog.


  2. Yes, one does not ‘HAVE TO’ go to “church” to be a Christian. However, we need to realize that the beauty of “salvation” calls EVERYONE to appreciate how much God truly loves them. It starts with everyone who would dare to believe enough to be willing to share this. Even Christians, are unwilling to do that much. Do we follow the prompting within us, or do we, as just one religion, seek to isolate ourselves and turn away. Timothy


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