Does God Want Me To Have Playtime?

My little dog CoCo loves to play. He is active, likes tug a war, loves to hunt squirrels. He absolutely needs playtime. Furthermore the first sign that something is wrong with him is if he is not playing. My other dog is a lap dog and snuggler. If she is not being clingy then it is a sign that something is wrong. She likes to play but she plays differently. But she too needs this stimulation.

From a scientific perspective playtime, particularly active playtime release certain chemicals in the brain that are healthy. Without playtime people suffer from burnout and higher rates of mental illness. So from a medical perspective playtime is a physical need.

Different people has different things they enjoy. For I do not “play” the way some other may play. The Bible does not talk about whether we as adults should have playtime but I do think God cares about our health, well being and happiness. Thus I believe God wishes us to have playtime. He designed us for it.

I think the tricky part to address is what is considered healthy playtime verses unhealthy. For not all activities we think are fun are necessarily healthy. The Bible does have sometime to say about certain activities. They are sinful because they are either bringing harm to yourself, someone else or your relationship with God.

For instance going to wild parties where you get wasted and do dangerous things that you regret the next day. Well it may be fun but not so healthy. Similarly playing video games for 24 hours straight may be fun but not so healthy.

What do you have in your life that you would consider playtime? Is it healthy? Is it making you a better person. Is it building your relationships? If the answer is Yes it sounds like some good playtime. If the answer is no then maybe you need to think about finding something else to play with.

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