Obedient in the Small things

My husband and I went camping for the weekend. We sat peacefully by the campfire watching the flames twist and turn. I was mesmerized by the heated coals. My husband played the guitar while I let my mind ponder. I read out some scripture. We talking about what it spoke to us. We spent some time in prayer. I then asked my husband to meditate on how he could be more obedient to Jesus in this season in his life. I meditated on the same thing.

Right now my husband has a lot going on in his life but for the first time in forever my life is pretty clear. I am not working and I have no volcanic irruptions in my life. It made the question of how to be more obedient difficult for there was no big mountain sitting in front of me.

I started to contemplate what it means to be obedient to Jesus in this season where I am acting as a house wife. I came to the conclusion that I could do a better job in serving my husband. My husband has made jokes that I have a servants heart for everyone except him. There is a lot of truth to this statement. I would not call myself a selfish person except when it comes to my husband. He serves me more than I serve him.

I do not find service difficult but I do sometimes find it difficult when the service is to my husband. I pondered to God. Where is this coming from. It did not take me long for me to know exactly where it was coming from. I talked to my husband about this and he guess the cause before I even spoke it out.

I would not say this is a big issue in our marriage but it has been something that has come up on several occasions in several forms. My husband has a tendency to serve well within the family but is selfish outside the family. I am the opposite. But ultimately we should be doing both.

So in the coming weeks I am going to be working on my service to my husband in the small things of our daily life.

Where can you be more obedient to Jesus in your daily life?

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