Regaining Trust

Release #19 of the Broken Girl Series

The Shepard dog has made a plan for getting through the mountains. The broken girl can see that the wheels are turning in his head but she does not know what he is planing. She does not like secrets, she does not fully trust the Shepard dog for so many have failed her in the past. How does she follow him if she does not trust him? How does he trust that she will support him when he decides to lead? They let these doubts and ideas swim in there heads instead of communicating them with each other. One night while resting next to the camp fire the broken girl asks the Shepard dog, “what are you not telling me?” He looks at her shocked, “how can you tell?” She tells him, “I can tell based on your body language.” He starts to talk. He shares his plans with the broken girl. She listens, she gives critique and feedback. They discuss, contemplate and pray. The broken girl shares her desires and wishes. The Shepard dog takes them into consideration. In the end they have a tentative plan of action. It is not the plan the Shepard dog would have drafted by himself and it is not the plan the broken girl would have drafted by herself. No it is a plan with a little of his and a little of hers. The Shepard dog makes a commitment to communicate better with the broken girl and the broken girl makes a commitment to allow him to lead. They fall asleep by the campfire. Time to rest before the next days climb.

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