God Does Not Discriminate But People Do

Unfortunately discrimination is still a very real issue in our world. Whether it be due to your skin color, Your ethnicity, your gender, your sexual orientation or a disability. We form thoughts, judgements and expectations for people based on what we have been taught and experienced. We then allow these views to influence how we view others. I am guilty. I have discriminated against people in the past. I still do. I do not like white males. End of story. You are a white male, you are automatically on my bad list until proven otherwise. This is how discrimination works. We see someone in a negative light because of a characteristic until we are proven wrong.

When I was a child I often heard comments from my father referring to people with mental illness in a negative light. He even made comments like never marry someone with bipolar disorder. He referred to people with depression as just lazy asses. This shaped how I viewed people with mental illness. When I was diagnosed myself with Bipolar Disorder I had just become the object of my fathers discrimination. But my fathers view of mental illness quickly changed after it was facing him head on. I do not think he would make these same comments today. His view has changed. He does not discriminate against people with mental illness. I have actually heard stories of him helping students struggling. He is more informed. He is more aware. His view has changed. He has changed.

One of the biggest objects of discrimination within the church today is people who identify as LGBT. Not long ago I heard a statement from a young man who said I want to believe in Christ, I want to accept Christ into my life but I am gay. I can’t be gay and a Christian. My heart sank. For this is absolutely not true. God does not discriminate. Unfortunately the church has been discriminating since it was formed. Furthermore God hates discrimination. We are all his precious creations. We are all equal in his eyes. We are all loved by him no matter who you are. Jesus died for everyone.

Furthermore when Jesus was on this earth he often associated with those who were outcastes in society. It was the people who society discriminated against that he showed the greatest love and affection. It was those with leprosy, disabilities, tax collectors, and prostitutes that he welcome and healed. So if you identify as LGBT, God adores you, accepts you and says you are my precious creation. You have a disability, God calls you his child. You a white male, well I don’t trust you but God loves you to.

So to all, let us stop and ask ourselves who do you discriminate against? For we all have biases. Where is your discrimination coming from? We are all equal in God’s eyes. Every single one of us. May God transform our hearts and give us eyes to see each other the way he sees us. May God forgive us for discriminating against others. For discrimination always hurts and causes suffering. Amen.

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