Retraining Your Mind and Behavior

Gymnastics like most sports has 2 main components. There is the physical side but there is also the mental side. The mental side of gymnastics is what gets many people. When I was a gymnast I sometime ran into road blocks for the physical side. Sometime I was not strong enough or powerful enough to perform a skill but most of my battles were mental. I did not struggle with my physical ability I struggled with my mental ability. I think that this is a reflection of me as a person for even to this day I do not struggle with ability as much as mental issues. But God has given us a wonderful gift. For there are people trained in this very thing. They are experts in retaining the brain and helping people overcome mental road blocks. In most cases the brain can be retrained. Of course there are exception for people with neurological limitations

For instance my neurologically abnormal dog seems completely untrainable. She just does what she does and any attempt to train her is a waste of time. Maybe if I spent more time I would eventually be able to retrain her but it would take a lot of time and effort. But my other dog, he is normal. He can be trained and retrained. He actually picks up things very quickly.

Psychotherapy which is a term used in counseling refers to a set of techniques used to help people retrain the brain to think in a different way. It teaches people how to overcome bad behaviors and thinking so that you can better navigate this world.

We all pick up bad habits. Whether it be from how we were raised, to other influence in our lives or just our not so positive side of our innate personality. No person is perfect and we often learn to compensate for our weaknesses and imperfections in negative ways. Psychotherapy helps retain people to think differently and change behaviors so that we are more healthy.

When I was younger and very uneducated in the ways of mental health treatment I thought of counselors as these scary people who worked with crazy people. I was not crazy so why would I go to a counselor. Well maybe I am a tad bit crazy but aren’t we all. I had heard stories of counselors, seen things on TV and heard people in my life talk about counseling sessions in a not so good light. This made the thought of seeking treatment scary. I was scared of the unknown but also scared of the stigma.

People do not look down upon going to the dentist so why do people look down upon going to a counselor? I am reminded how the Holy Spirit which is given to us by God to be our helper, our wonderful counselor. For it is the Holy Spirit inside us that often reveals to us God’s truth, convicts us of sin, leads us, molds us, changes us, sanctifies us and acts as our companion in this life. When I think of what human counselors do, they are not perfect like the Holy Spirit, but they act to do a lot of these same things. Could it be God has gifted us counseling services as a manifestation of him to bring about healing for people? If so why do we see it in such a negative light. Why are we resistant to counseling? Why are we not all going to a counselor as a preventive measure like seeing the dentist for teeth cleaning rather than waiting for our lives to implode before seeking treatment?

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