The Heart of A Person

No one can tell the heart of a person other than God. It just is not possible. We can try to judge the heart of a person based on what they tell us, the actions we see, and what other people tell us about them. You can tell a lot about a person by watching them when they think no one is watching but ultimately only God know the heart.

We all wear masks. We put in roles in order to accomplish certain tasks. We act in certain ways because of how we have been trained or taught. We learn behaviors from those around us. But these are not what define the heart. The heart is something no man can see.

In the past and still I struggled with interacting with certain people. It is a result of my past abuse and what the medical doctors call hyper-vigilance. Due to this symptom I started praying the prayer, “God would you show me their heart.” For I could look at the exterior, I could judge there actions but this would not tell me whether they were a safe person. Only there heart would tell me whether they were safe.

I do not think God ever gave me eyes to see peoples heart but I do think he changed my heart through the process. Instead of seeing others as a threats or dangerous, I started seeing them as human being with faults just like me. I started to identify with others. I started to have more grace for others. I started to learn to work with others even though I did not trust them completely. I started to notice things about people no one else noticed. This allowed me to love people better. It has made me a better friend.

My hyperawareness and constant alertness has side effects. Furthermore is not really something I can control but God has shown me how to use it for his glory. Do you have something about yourself that doctors, society or culture would say was abnormal? Have you ever asked God if he made you this way on purpose? Have you ever thought that “abnormal” thing could be used for good even though others may not see it that way? God often does not see things they way we see them.

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