Who Are You?

Recently my husband, I and another friend went to the zoo. I had not been to a zoo for the past 15 years. At one point we asked each other the question, “if you were an animal what animal would you be?” It is very telling to see how people answer. We all have labels that we use to identify ourselves. I am a doctor, a wife, a female, a daughter, an artist, etc. All these labels I use to describe a part of my personality and role in this world. But are these things really my identity or just a part of myself?

In Christian circles there is talk about our identity being in Christ. That as a born again Christian we adopt another identity which is in Jesus. It is easy to say my identity is in Christ but what does this actually mean? Or is it just another label. I am a Christian just like I am an artist or a doctor. What does it mean for our identity to be in Christ?

When I first became a Christian I did not give much thought to my identity. What 12 years spends time doing this. I just knew I believed in Jesus. Through the years I have felt like I went through a kind of process where God has slowly been opening up parts of my inner being and taking what was a gigantic mass of destruction, cleaning it out and then putting it back together. Room by room he has been doing this process. With each room I feel like there is a part of me that becomes more aware of who I was created to be. The person that should have been from the being but was corrupted by sin. With this cleaning up and restoration I come to understand more of who I am and what god created me to do on this earth.

This process allows me to understand who I am in Christ. I do not always have a clear idea or picture of who this is but through God’s work of my inner temple I get a glimpse of who I was created to be. For who am I in Christ? Only God knows and I trust he will reveal who I am each step of the way.

To me my identity is in Christ means that he is my destination. Me following him is my role. I am a Christ follower before anything else in this world. It means that I follow Christ in all aspects of my life. I am not a Christ follower when I go to church then a self follower when I go to me job. I am a Christ follower in every single aspect God chooses to place me. I will share Christ with others in all aspects of my life in whatever capacity I am able. I will lay all I am at the feet of the cross and say Heavenly Father I am your slave. I willing choose to be your slave for you alone are my salvation from this brokenness. For apart from who I am in Christ I am nothing. I have seen the destruction inside myself and without Christ I am literally nothing. I am death. I am darkness. I am broken. But with Christ I am absolutely gorgeous. I am his. He is my good Shepard. I follow Jesus.

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