Broken Girl Series Release #18

The broken girl has stopped the tug a war dance with her Shepard dog but she never stops praying. The Shepard dog has to walk through deep waters, mud and snow. At first the Broken Girl helps him but eventually she gets to weak to continue. She cannot keep up. But they cannot stop for they do not have a place of refuge. They have to make it through the mountains and the Shepard dog cannot leave the broken girl behind. The Shepard dog will have to carry the broken girl as he goes through the rough terrain. The broken girl decides to take advantage of this time with him. While she is being carried on his back she starts to teach him lessons about the Good Shepard. They both enjoy this time of learning and conversation. One day they decide to talk about what it looks like to follow the Good Shepard. The broken girl says that it means we accept any path he gives us. The Shepard dog does not like this. He is only willing to take certain paths he deems worthy. The broken girl is not ok with this thinking for this is the route of all sin. For several days they argue back and forth. Finally on the 3rd day the Shepard dog stops walking. He tells the Broken Girl he wants to accept God’s plan and path for their lives but he does not know how. They decide to pray. They kneel down together and heads bowed he starts to pray to the Good Shepard. They feel his presence and the Shepard dog is set free. They continue there walking. Each day the Shepard dog works on his submission to the Good Shepard and the broken girl continue to teach him while he carries her.

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