The Tug A War Dance

The Broken Girl Series Release #17

The Shepard dog pulls to the left. The Broken Girl pulls to the right. They are doing a tug a war dance. The broken girl is frustrated so she takes a break from her tugging but her stubbornness will never let her give in. She prays to the good Shepard, “Good Shepard, I do not understand why my Shepard dog won’t follow you like I think he should. He wants something different than we discussed. What do I do?” The Good Shepard takes pity on the broken girl. I know my child. You just rest for awhile. Stop fighting him. Just let him lead you and I’ll take care of the plans. The Broken Girl obeys. She stops the tug a war game. She follows her Shepard dog. But the Good Shepard always makes good on his promises, she will have to work on following him, serving him, being more patient and loving. The Shepard dog is now in the hands of the Good Shepard. The broken girl will learn to rest while the Shepard Dog goes to work. He will be climbing mountains while the broken girl heals.

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