A False Hope

The Broken Girl Series Release #16 …

The Shepard dog took a journey from his far off land. His whole life he dreamed of this place called America. It held a promise of a future he could never dream of in his homeland. He worked diligently to make it to this special place then finally he stepped off the plane to enter AMERICA. The land of hope and promise. It was not long before he meet the Broken girl. She smiled at him and he at her. Wow he thought, maybe she will be mine? It was not long before he was asking this broken girl to marry him. She said yes with excitement. The broken girl and the Shepard dog joined hands in unity. But the Broken Girl wanted to serve the Good Shepard back in a far of land. The Shepard dog’s eyes were drawn to the glamour, wealth and abundant life of this America. But the broken girl had seen that gleam in others eyes before. She new it would never satisfy. She new it was not from the Good Shepard. Having been joined in marriage they started a tug a war game. The broken girl tugging in one direction be Shepard dog tugging in another. Who will win the war?

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