The Shepard Dog’s Story

The Broken Girl Series Release #15

A new young creation was born into the world. He was born in a far off land that had many monsters of it’s own. Furthermore few had ever heard of the truth so many monsters just roamed wild. At a very tender age he heard the truth about the Good Shepard called Jesus. He eagerly accepted not realizing he was now very vulnerable in a pit of monsters. He was forced to live among them and he did a mighty good job of telling the monsters about this Good Shepard. Many thought of him as the cheerful story teller because he was always telling the stories of the truth. God did a mighty work in him, protecting him from a young age and blessing him immensely. But he did not come out completely unscathed. Much like the broken girl, hidden monsters crept up on him, he was blind and he invited them into his safe place. They took up root and it was not until many years later that the broken girl pointed out to him this invader. The invader was messing with there marriage and causing him to fall. The invader set up shop contaminating the Shepard dog. It made him weak, it took his innocence and made him sick. The Broken Girl was unable to fight the invader by herself so she took him to the healers to be healed. They were very skilled and well versed with fighting this type of invader. The Shepard dog did his part and worked diligently with these healers. They had to strip him naked, they had to remove all his armor but the end result was beautiful for the invader was forced to leave. Next he needed a new set of armor.

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