My not so neurologically normal dog is an amazing example of the brain and addictions. She gets fixated on things and she will keep going until she gets her fix. I recently bought a new toy for the dogs. My Abnormal dog loved the toy. I went to bed and she continued to play with the toy. It was loud so I finally took it away so that I could sleep. I put it on the night stand. She proceed to search the room for the toy. She finally found it so he moved it to inside the cabinet. She was relentless look for the toy for another 5 hours. Finally at 2 am I gave her the toy. She played with it for 5 min then cuddled the toy and finally went to sleep. She really wanted this toy. She could not rest without it. This is what addictions are like.

When we are addicted to something we cannot help our minds from craving and wanting this fix. The only way to satisfy it is to give into the desire which facilitates worsening of the addiction. Some of us are born with brains that become easily addicted. It is just the way we are wired. The best thing we can do is prevent the addiction in the first place. But what about after the addiction has started. When that addiction is set. You cannot undo it. Furthermore how does God view addictions?

We all have addictions at various levels and severities. This is just the way our brains are wired. But many addictions cause harm to our bodies. This is the test I use to tell whether an addiction is something that God disproves of. If the addiction is causing harm to our body or others bodies than it is unhealthy. God does not like us harming our bodies. He wants us to protect and attempt to keep our bodies/ minds healthy. Therefore he does not like addictions. If your addiction is harming your body or someone else’s body it is sinful.

Dealing with addictions is one of the most challenging things to address in medicine. For without a supernatural miracle from God there is no magic therapy or pill that can cure your addiction. It takes work. Hard work. You have to commit to making a change. God wants us to commit to making these changes. He wants us to realize our bodies are his temple and we are supposed to be taking care of our bodies. If you are stuck in an addiction, your sin is like a chain around your neck suffocating the life out of you. You will not experience freedom with God while in this life. I would not wish this on anyone. God does not either.

If you are stuck in an addiction, God wants you to be free but you have to be willing. Seek professional help and commit to accomplishing the task. No one else can free you from an addiction. Others can help. God can help you but ultimately you have to be devoted to freeing yourself.

Having an addiction does not mean you are not a Christian. It means you have an illness that is leading to self harm. Love God by loving your own body. Love Your family by loving your own body. Love yourself by refusing to continue in your addiction. God loves you regardless of your choice but he wants you to be free. I bet your loved ones what you to be free as well. Amen.

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