I get upset with many Christians. There is a common theme among many Christians that implies that by accepting Jesus as your savior you will be healed from all things. I do not know where this thinking comes from but it is not from God. Furthermore by spreading this falsehood you as essentially telling people that you cannot be a Christian if you are not perfect. Hate to break it to you but I have never meet a perfect Christian. They are just as imperfect as the rest of humanity.

When I look at Jesus ministry on earth his mission was to show humanity God’s love and provide God’s grace. He came so that the spiritual wound created at the beginning of time by sin could be healed. He is the blanket over our brokenness that gives us the promise of eternity. But believing in Jesus does not mean I do not have the ability to sin. It does not mean I do not suffer from the same illnesses as non believers. It does not mean my body will not waste away, age and become more fragile. Jesus does not promise our physical bodies will be healed. He promises to give us new life in him. He promises spiritual healing.

But wait a minute, Jesus often healed people while he was on this earth. He cured people. Furthermore I have seen him heal people in today’s world. He healed my mother in law. He is capable of healing our physical wounds. The gospels tells stories of Jesus healing peoples physical wounds but it does not tell the stories of all the people he did not heal. Furthermore Jesus purpose for performing miracles on this earth was so that people would believe he was the Son Of God. So that people would believe he was the messiah. Jesus cared for the physical wounds of people but his healing them was ultimately to heal the spiritual wound created at the beginning of time.

Jesus does not heal every sick person on this earth. He never promised that our physical bodies would not suffer from the effects of our world. But he does promise us new life in him. A new body that is not seen or comprehended in this life. He promised us forgiveness and grace.

As someone with a chronic health condition I understand all to well the difference between spiritual healing provided by God’s grace and the healing of my physical body. God often provides me the means to manage my condition through modern medicine but despite this I often battle the effects of a condition I would not wish on anyone. I grow tired of Christians who try to force a false promise of healing on me, encourage me to stop medications or make me feel less than because I have a condition that is completely out of my control. I cannot control my condition but I can control how I choose to live my life. I am not alone in feeling his way. I have meet many people with chronic health condition that turn from God and the church because of this simple fact. This is sad for it is those most in need of love, support and family that are forced to leave church.

I do not know where the concept of God healing all physical wounds, making our bodies perfect and making us into super humans came from but it is not from God. God wants the church to love, protect, nature and take care of those with disabilities, illnesses, children and the elderly. It is not wrong to pray for healing but we have to realize what we are praying for is often something spiritual not our physical bodies. It is often the role of the church, family, community and medical system to take care of our physical bodies and needs.

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