What’s Your Measure?

Some people like to measure using yard sticks, some people use rulers, other use fancy new electronic measuring tools. Others measure based on their number of steps. Some people use meters other use feet then others use centimeters. There are many different methods for measuring a distance. What do you use to measure your life?

When we look at our lives we all use something to measure our success and worth. Some people measure based on income. Others measure based on material possession. Some people measure based on relationships. Many Christians leaders even measure themselves based on the number people attending their church or the number of people they share the gospel. We all measure our lives and success based on something. In America we tend to be a performance based society. This in terms makes us often measure ourselves and our worth based on our performance. Similarly we like to compare ourselves to those around us. We like to compete

I am reminded of the prophet Jeremiah who was given a task by God that was completely unsuccessful by all the performance standards we use as humans. His ministry was dead. He saw no fruit. Furthermore it was a hard ministry. A task no one would want. Yet I cannot help but think that in God’s eyes Jeremiah was a complete success. Way more successful than many many many others.

What does God use to measure our success? In my opinion God measures the success of our ministry based on our obedience and nothing else. Sometimes he gives people ministries that will see thousands of people’s lives changes. Sometimes he gives people ministries that will never see a single persons life changed during that single persons lifespan. But it is not the number that is important to God. It is our obedience. For his plan and will is sometimes so much bigger than we humans can foresee or comprehend. Furthermore we should not be building our own kingdom, no we should be building God’s. Thus God is the one who decides the plans.

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