What’s the Plan?

The Broken Girl Series Release #14

The broken girl looks at her perfectly imperfect Shepard dog. She things about his story. His journey. He has had his own adventure. She asks the Shepard dog if he is ok with her telling his story. He nodes in approval. For his story is now her story and vice versa. The are a unit. They are a team. They are one body. But it has not always felt this way. The broken girl and the Shepard dog have worked diligently together to build a foundation. The foundation seem to be finally hardening. It is founded on the grace, love and the promise of Jesus. It is almost time to start building but they do not have a full grasp on the plans. The broken girl has drafted her plan and the Shepard dog has drafted his plan but what is God’s plan? You cannot build a house without a blueprint. The broken girl hands her plans to the Shepard dog. The Shepard dog hands his plans to God. They bow there heads and wait patiently to receive the blueprint God has designed for their house. They give themselves to the lord for he is there master. They trust him for he alone is trustworthy.

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