The Two Trees

Imagine that inside you, in the depths of your soul you have a tree. This tree is made from human flesh. It was originally intended to be a beautiful creation but it was made sick by sin. It is our innate self that has been corrupted by sin. We all have it. We are born with it. As we grow older the world, our experiences and people in our lives water this tree. It grows and it starts to sprout fruit. This fruit is not the fruit of the spirit rather fruit of our sinful flesh. This fruit may cause temporary pleasure but never satisfies. It is fruit with hatred, greed, envy, lust, deceit, resentment, selfishness, bitterness, etc. Every person has this, we are born with it.

Let’s say that someone comes along and prepares a bit of soil inside you. They plant a seed that comes from God. They plant the gospel. Then someone comes and waters this little seed. Bit by bit this seed sprouts and starts to grow. Now you have two trees inside you. They are competing for water, sun light and nutrients. They are at constant war.

If we continue to water, prune and harvest the tree from our sinful flesh it will continue to grow bigger. It will take over our tree from The gospel. Similarly if we stop watering our sinful flesh it will wither. It will grow smaller. It may never completely die in this life but it will become a more distant memory. Similarly if we continue to water the tree from God it will grow and grow and grow to eventually produce the fruit of the spirit that will then feed and help others. This fruit will satisfy. It is not a temporary satisfaction. It is for eternity.

Do you feel like you have 2 trees inside you? Which one are you feeding? Which one is growing? What type of fruit are you harvesting?

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