Vulnerability and Protection

When a child is born they are completely naked. Furthermore they are completely defenseless. They are completely vulnerable. They are at the mercy of their parents to take care of them. Otherwise the child will be injured or die. There is something extremely awkward, anxiety producing yet freeing about being naked. Being vulnerable about our true selves, the darkest deepest secretes of our past and revealing our hearts can be scary but also liberating.

In order for God to heal our brokenness and touch the inner depths of ourselves that need his touch and we have to be vulnerable. For you have to open this part of yourself up to receive God’s healing touch and grace. He often accomplishes this through a sister or brother in Christ. If you never let yourself be seen naked your wounds may never be healed.

But being naked and vulnerable with another person is extremely dangerous. I would not recommend someone to go out on a battlefield naked. No I would tell them to put on there armor. If you go to battle naked and vulnerable something bad will happen.

In order to be vulnerable you need a place and a person who is safe to do it. When I was younger I did not understand this. No one ever talk to me about how to identify a safe person or a safe place. I did not know. Rather I wandered through life by trial and error until I figured it out. I do not recommend this. As a result I allowed myself to be vulnerable in places I should have put on my armor. Then I put on my armor in places I should have been vulnerable.

I would not say I am an expert on identifying safe people and places. I will save this topic for another day. But I would caution people from going around naked. This is a place for vulnerability but it is not the battlefield.

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