The Cowards

Release #12 of the Broken Girl Series

The Broken Girl thinks about her journey. She remembers the time after she left the monster. God lead her to a group of to be healers. At the time she did not know why she was there but in retrospect she sees how God brought her there for healing. She needed a team of people to glue her broken pieces back together. God was providing for her just like he always does. Although God lead her to the healers and a group to be her prayer warriors the people who were supposed to fight on her behalf ran. Instead of standing up for her they turned away. God intended for them to be Shepard Dogs who protected and fought the monster for the broken girl. The Broken Girl used to be angry at God for not fighting on her behalf but now she sees that he lead her to a whole group of fighters who ran and hide rather than standing up for her. Instead of being the Shepard dogs God called them to be they were cowards. They failed her. The Broken Girl is reminded that God never fails but people often will. May God have grace and forgiveness for her own weakness and theirs. She prays that God would transform these cowardly people into Shepard dogs. May they stand and fight rather than running away. May they have the wisdom and discernment to know what God is calling them to do.

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