How to Win A Losing Battle

Release #11 of the Broken Girl Series

The broken girl and Shepard dog work diligently to fight the monster. But they only seem to be losing. Why are we losing God? Why can we not win? The broken girl and Shepard dog kneel and bow before their Heavenly Father. The broken girl cries to her Heavenly Father. I have done all I can. I have fought the good fight. I have tried to glorify you and honor you. But there is nothing else I can do other than pray. Pray that your will would be done. Pray that the monster would be transformed into a Shepard dog. Pray that you would protect others from the monsters. Pray that you would restore. The broken girl is reminded that this world only really has one monster, it is the fight between Good and evil, God and Satan/Sin. Maybe just maybe the broken girl feels like she is losing this battle because God is changing the monster into a Shepard dog. Maybe restoration is possible. She will give the control to God. She will let him fight for her for this is the only option at this time.

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