Why God?

Release #10 of Broken Girl Series

The Broken Girl pauses from her battle with the monster. She thinks back over the events in her life. She contemplates the decisions she has made. Some good. Some bad. Some she does not know what to think. Was she following God? She thought she was but then why did she meet the monsters. She remembers a time in her past she prayed for God’s wisdom. His guidance. She felt like he was saying “I have something else for you.” She obeyed. She stopped what she was doing to do something else. But that lead her down the path to a monster. The Broken Girl wonders if she made a mistake. Did she hear God wrong? But if she heard correct then God sent her down the path to a monster. Why God? Why would he do this? Why did he not protect her from the monster? She is angry at God! Why me!!!!! She only hears silence. She does not have the answers but maybe just maybe God sent her down the path with the monster so that she could fight him. Maybe God sent her into battle because someone has to do it. She told God she was willing. She told God she would follow him. Maybe this is her cross to bear. The Broken Girl accepts her cross. Reluctantly but all the same. She looks to the heavens and asks God “not my will but yours. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” She clings to Jesus for support. She will march to battle. May God show her how to fight in a way that is glorifying to Jesus.

1 thought on “Why God?”

  1. I can totally relate to this! My Shepherd dog was my Mother, and then my roommate. My monsters, Loneliness and Isolation, are my constant companions too! I can never escape them. God seems either not there, or non-existent. Jesus says to my: “Lord, you can help me if you are willing”. “Yes, I am willing. Be made whole”. Oh, the depth of God’s Love! Timothy


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