Fighting Back

Release #9 of the Broken Girl Series

The Shepard dog holds the broken girl. Others work diligently to glue the crumbling pieces back together and keep her from shattering. There is an earth quake. The Broken Girl is already at her limit. When the earth quake hits she is not prepared. She losses herself, shattered. The helpers go to work. This time they already have the plans they need to remake her. For this is not the first time. The process is smoother and they know which glue to use. The Broken Girl is angry at her Brokenness. She is both terrified and angry at the monsters who did this to her. The Shepard dog is angry to. They make a decision. They cannot fight all he monsters but they can fight one. They can try to protect others and prevent this from happening to someone else. This is the current task. They will fight. The battle begins. Jesus places his hands on the broken girl. The winds come, the earth trembles, the waters flood but Jesus is her rock and fortress.

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