The Pursuit of Happiness

When you play a game what are you trying to accomplish? You want to win. Or at least that’s what I want when I play games. We all want to win. The issue we have is not wanting to win it’s how you accomplish the task. But similarly if there is a winner there is also a loser. This is how I view happiness. Who does not want to be happy. I have never meet a person who did not want to be happy. We all pursue happiness in some shape or form.

Many people live their lives in pursuit of happiness. So what is happiness? Is it the same as joy or different? What does God say about pursuing happiness? To me happiness is a transient feeling I get when something positive happens or I experience a positive mood. It is a feeling and it comes and goes. So if I win the gold medal I feel happy for a couple of days but then this wears off and I am back to pursuing this “high” again. I buy a new car and I feel happy for a period of time then it is gone. Joy on the other hand is a sense of contentment in the midst of anything. It is deeper than happiness and not transient. It is not dependent on your circumstance or life events.

God tells us to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things will be give to you. If we pursue God’s kingdom and walk in obedience to Jesus we are promised joy. This is not the same as the happiness you get when you buy a new house. No it is far far better and long lasting. It is deeper, you can feel it in your soul and heart of hearts.

If you are pursuing happiness in things of this world you are fighting a game you may win but it’s just like earning a gold metal. It lasts for a short time then nothing. You have to win again. If you are pursuing God’s kingdom and his righteousness you will be filled with a joy that far surpasses a gold metal. It will last through trials and winters. If you are pursuing happiness you are pursuing the wrong thing. Pursue God’s kingdom!! Amen.

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