What is Your Faith?

I have a background in Biophysics. I was always good at the math and I enjoyed the mechanical part of physics. I enjoyed biophysics even more because by adding the element of living, breathing creatures you add another element of the unseen. During my studies of physics I learned about electrons, neutrons and protons. We cannot see these particles although our entire world is made of them. When I look at a table, I see a table. Ultimately it is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. I am the same. I am made up of protons, electrons and neutrons.

What makes me different than the table? I am living. I am breathing. I have life. I have never meet a person that did not believe in something. It is part of being alive with a human brain. Some people believe in themselves. Some people believe in money. Some people believe in family. Some people believe in fate. Some people believe in being a moral person. The list could go on and on but I have never meet a person that did not believe in something.

Why do I believe in Jesus Christ? Why do I choose to put my Hope in him? Why do I think there is one true God? I have seen people have hope and believe in many things. I myself have put my hope in many things. All those things have eventually failed me, disappointed me and been less than perfect. But Jesus, the one true God has yet to fail me. Just like I cannot see the protons, neutrons and electrons when I look around my world I know that they are there. God is the same to me, I cannot always understand everything, see him, feel him but I know he is there. He has never failed me.

Have I had doubts? Have I wondered if my faith was just some made up thing that gives me false hope? I have wrestled with those doubts but in the end I choose to believe and act in accordance to that belief because I lose nothing. I only gain. How do I gain? God has never disappointed me. I cannot say the same to anything else in this world. I have even asked myself the question, when I die, let’s say my faith was wrong, let’s say there is no heaven like I thought. I will not regret choosing to live my life with faith in Jesus because it has only made my life on this earth better. I will not regret my decision to follow Jesus on this earth, during this life because it is so much better than the alternative.

What do you believe in? If you are wrong would you still choose to live the way your living? If you are right does your faith never fail you, never disappoint? To me, my faith in Jesus answers Yes to these questions. If I am wrong about Jesus I would still want to live the life of obedience I am living. My faith in Jesus has never failed or disappointed me. I choose to believe in what I cannot see or understand. Just like I believe there are electrons, neutrons and protons making my table.

1 thought on “What is Your Faith?”

  1. Dear Sister in Christ, Did it ever occur to you, GOD is in that “table” too? And did it ever occur to you, “Then does that make the “table” GOD? (or, at least “ALIVE”, in the sense that it is in God’s Spirit? Is there, according to Physics, not the smallest element of Earth, Water, Fire, Spirit, and Ether in ALL THINGS?! Everything is interrelated! I only mention this to have us all, “think outside the 3D box”, so to speak. Abundant Blessings to you and yours. Do you have any children? If not, YOU DEFINITELY WILL! My “Miracle” Blessing be upon you. Timothy


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