The Core

I sat on my patio this afternoon looking at the vines that climb up the pergola. They are incredibly beautiful. Not a single vine is in isolation. They are all intertwined into a complex network. They support each other to form a cohesive unit. The more I examined this cohesive unit of vines the more I realized that they all twisted around an invisible core. I could not see it but it was like there was a core of which all the vines twisted around. It is what caused all the vines to twist around each other in the first place. Without this core it seems like the vines would all just take over each other. Instead of being intertwined and supporting each other they would just be choking each other in an attempt to survive.

I meet with my cousin yesterday who dedicates most of her time and energy to saving rescue dogs. She has a pack of large dogs in her care of which she works diligently to care for. She is incredibly good at what she does. Months ago there was a tragic incident where the smallest of the pack was killed by the others. This was devastating. But it has also sent the rest of the dogs into more aggression. They had to break up the pack to keep everyone safe.

Why did this horrible incident happen? We do not know exactly but the pack of dogs needs a core. Just like the vine needs a core for it to intertwine and support each other. The dogs need an alpha to keep them as a cohesive unit. We humans are very much like a pack of dogs or this vine. We also need a core to wrap around so that we can support and help one another without harming or killing the smallest and weakest of us.

We humans like to try to make ourselves the alpha. We like to make ourselves the core. But our own imperfections and brokenness mean that we cannot be the core. When we make ourselves the core people will get hurt. So who is the core? Who is the alpha? God is the alpha and the omega. Jesus is the core. Without this structure the result will always be the same. Someone gets hurt.

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