The Fork in the Road

Release #8 of the Broken Girl Series….

The broken girl and Shepard dog start to walk together. They come to a fork in the road. The Broken Girl wants to take a left for this has been her dream. This is her heart’s desire. But the Shepard dog does not like the path to the left. He wants to stay on the path to the right. They have to make a decision. Will they part or will they stay together? Which path will they take? The Shepard dog leads the broken girl to the right. She follows a little reluctantly but after she gets moving there is no turning back. The Shepard dog gets hit by a bullet. He goes down. He is now injured. The broken girl will stand with him. She will nurse him back to health. She tries her very best and others come to help. These others heal him and retrain the Shepard dog but the broken girl is crumbling at the edges. She has been glued together but the stress is to much. She is Shattering. Again. But this time the Shepard dog helps carry the load. He does not allow her to shatter completely. No. He holds her while others repair the broken pieces.

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