The Body of Christ

If there is one thing I have struggled with in my walk with Jesus it has been the body of Christ. I have a very wish washy relationship with it. I used to think I was the only one but the older I get the more I realize that few people have issues with God. No, most people of issues with the body of Christ. Why is this? It’s broken.

The body of Christ is also know as the bride of Christ. It is the church. It is made up of the followers of Jesus. But just like I am not perfect, other followers of Jesus are not perfect. Similarly we are all on our own individual journeys. Some are just getting started while others are about to be at their destination. Similarly Satan is very cleaver. He is able to tempt us, cause fighting among us and confusion. We often walk around blind to this fact because we cannot see it. We cannot understand it.

Then everything explodes. The body of Christ breaks. People get hurt. People turn from God. People are isolated. All together, not good. But here’s the thing. If we let it happen then we let Satan win. We miss out. So what can we do? What should we do?

The smallest unit of the church is the family. We have to start there. We have to turn to God. We have to pray. We have to admit our mistakes. We have to repent. We have to forgive. And we have to change. Grow. Overcome. Be better. Be united in Christ. Otherwise there will be no healing. Rather people will get hurt. They will suffer. Will we stomp on our brother and sisters or will be pick them up. Help them. Get them care. Be bold enough to stand up to them when they refuse to get help. Hold people accountable with love and respect. Will we leave people behind or refuse to walk away from someone in need?

Why is the body of Christ so broken? Because people are broken. Let’s not walk away from the brokenness. No, let’s hold each other together so we can all finish the race. Maybe then God will work a miracle to heal our brokenness. Let’s not point fingers. No let’s offer a helping hand.

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