While I Am Waiting

Release #7 of Broken Girl Series. The story continues….

The broken girl remembers her past. She remembers the darkest of times. She remembers the thoughts that used to plague her. It is now a memory. She remembers herself when she was at her limit…..

The Memory

She cannot handle the brokenness of this world. She wants an escape but there is none. She is stuck. She reads her bible. She reads John 14. Again. How many time now. She reads about the promises of Jesus. She wants this NOW. But she is just stuck. She cannot stand it anymore. She will take her own life. Jesus meets with her. She feels his presence, his gentleness and the hope he brings. Jesus tells her, “No my child. That is not the way. I am the way. It is not your time to come to me my child. I have work for you to do.” The Broken Girl decides to follow Jesus. She will live. She will serve. She will love. She will worship. She is far from perfect but she will keep trying. She will wait on Jesus. May he provide the means to do so…….

She looks back on this memory and is reminded how Jesus always had provided the means. Whether it was bringing her a cousin, a friend, a doctor, a hospital, a medicine or a husband. He has always provided a way out. This is his promise while she waits. While she waits on the promised land she will remember that when things get to hard. When she is at her limit. Jesus will always open a door. Jesus will always provide an escape. Life is hard. Sometime unfair. This is reality. But Jesus will always provide an escape. For her destination is with him. She will serve. She will love. She will worship. She will wait. She has not always recognized the escape at the time but in retrospect the broken girl sees that Jesus’s hand has never left her.

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