In Honor of My Earthly Father

My earthly father and I have always had a tedious relationship. Like all daughters I have not always agreed, loved and respected him. Furthermore I have not always been the most obedient loving daughter.

For all our issues and all our differences my earthly father taught me many things. Now as an adult I have so many of the same qualities as him. I think this ironic. For it is the man I rebelled against that I am now most like. Isn’t that funny. I hope I have learned from his mistakes. Taken then and learned a better way. But also learned from his successes.

My earthly father taught me many things. So in honor of him, his hard work ethic and provision I would like to share some of the things my earthly father taught me.

1. He taught me he value of hard work. He taught me how to never give up and how to work through difficulties

2. He taught me the value of education. That without education we have so many barriers to our futures. He also provided the means and funds for my own education preventing me from having tons of debt. This has given my husband and I more financial freedom

3. He taught me how to be frugal with money, save and no waste resources

4. He taught me the value and beauty of nature and raised me on a ranch where I had the opportunity to do things most kids do not. I spent very very little time in front of a screen but lots of time in the dirt.

5. He taught me how to fight back. Survive. Persevere

6. He taught me how to submit to authority. Obey the laws and respect those in charge.

My earthly father and I do not agree on many things. But for all our disagreements. For all my anger at him. For all my resentment. And for all the things he was not. I would like to state the things he did right. I hope the way I live my life will be a testament to others that my earthly father did some things right. My earthly father is not perfect but he tried his hardest to provide for his family. I respect him for that and forgive him for his failures. For God knows I have enough failures of my own.

So to my earthly dad. Thank you for raising me to be a women I am. May you know that God loves you, adores you, forgives you and wants you in abide in him. Amen

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