The Game Mercy

You know the game you played as a child. The one where someone twists your arm as hard as they can until you finally cry, MERCY. I hated that game. I now looking back on it I know why. This is often what we humans do to each other. We twist each other’s arms until someone finally someone cries MERCY.

I am guilty. I have done this myself. Maybe without realizing it. It has been done to me as well. My little brother can testify of me slamming his head between the door trying to force him to do what I wanted. I was not always the angle I pretend to be now days. Most times we do this not in a physical sense but in an emotional sense. For this is the heart behind most emotional abuse. A battle of the wills per se. Who will cry mercy first. Who will be the victor. Here’s the thing. There will only be 1 victor. His name is God. The rest of us who are fighting it out against one another we can either protect, help and join together to minimize the damage or we can all fend for ourselves. At the end of the day we will all be crying MERCY. Thankfully God is mercy and perfect love.

There is only one victor in this war. His name is God. How many casualties will there be? We decide by how we choose to live our lives and whether we choose to fight for and with God. Will we come along side each other, love one another and help each other or will we twist someone else arm to see who cries MERCY first.

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