Why did God give us the Bible?

The other day I picked up something for my aunt and uncle. They told me that the item was paid for but I needed to sign. I signed the document and left the store. A couple of days later my aunt asked me if we took a receipt. I could not remember if they gave me one. I look and could not find a receipt. Why did she want a receipt? Why do we ever want any written documentation of something. It is a record. It is a tangle item you can hold, see and read to give you proof of what transpired. The receipt itself is only a thin paper. It has no special abilities. It is nearly documenting that the purchase was made. It is one form of proof. It is a reminder. It is a way to show others that a transaction took place. But the receipt itself is nothing. It is only documenting the purchase of the product. The product is something else entirely.

You can be an expert on the receipt. Know every tiny detail about it. Know all the words in detail but if you do not experience the product you are only an expert of the written proof that a transaction took place. The Bible is just this. It is a receipt. It is not the product. For the Bible to come to life as God’s truth you need the Holy Spirit. The product is building God’s kingdom, transforming lives into the image of Christ and Jesus Christ eventual return. The product is something beyond our comprehension.

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