The Good Shepard and Shepard Dog

Release #6 Broken Girl Series. The Story Continues

The broken girl walks away from Mr Man. But she is to broken to make more than a step. She yearns to go to the Good Shepard. She yearns to run with him. But she just keeps falling. The broken girl sits on the ground to weak to stand. To weak to walk. The Good Shepard takes pity on the broken girl for he knows her desires. He knows her heart. So he brings to her the Shepard dog. He is patient, gentle and loving. He snuggles up agains the broken girl not afraid of her dirtiness. He does not care that she is broken, no he wants to be hers. He wants to protect her. He was to help her. He want to follow the Good Shepard with her. Maybe together they will be able to stand. Maybe together they will learn to walk. Maybe together they will eventually run.

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