There are so many words I could use describe grief. Many of them are probably not appropriate to be shared on social media. For grief is very ugly. It is ugly in a way few things are. One of the things I have struggled with when dealing with grief is seeing the goodness in it. For what goodness is there in grief? Where is God’s goodness?

This is the ultimate question I have wrestled with over and over during times of grief. God where is your goodness? Grief is not the same as depression. It can lead to depression but grief is different. As someone who is incredibly sensitive and feels things a little to deeply for my liking, grief is the worse pain I can image. I have had dislocated joints, broken bones and many physical wounds but grief is so much more painful.

It leads me to time and time again, God where is your goodness? God show me your goodness.

Does it help to know Jesus himself felt grief. Maybe a little but not so much. Does it help to know that God grieves with you and for you. May be a little but ultimately God is set apart while I am alive. I am apart from him in this life. He is in my midst but yet my flesh is still present.

What does help my grief. Someone coming along side me to grieve with me. Someone showing enough empathy so say “I got you.” Someone to say, “grief is ugly and it is ok to see it that way. Not everything is beautiful in this world but you are.”

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