Shattered Pieces

Release #5 of Broken Girl Series

The broken girl stares at the Mr Man. Has he repented for what he did to her? Has he changed? She is so afraid she will break again. She is so afraid to trust. For what has he done to earn her trust? Small things yes, she can see he has changed but how much? Is it enough? But she wants restoration. Is restoration possible in this life time or will the memories always cause separation? Has she truly forgiven? Is it her own sin that is not allowing restoration? She tries, the Mr Man maybe tries but maybe the fear and mistrust she has is for a reason. Maybe separation is what is needed in this time for God to do his work of restoration? Maybe this is the consequence of his actions. Where is Jesus in this? The broken girl wears his words and promises as her protection but she does not feel like Jesus is the center. If Jesus is not the center how is restoration possible? It isn’t. She has decided. If Jesus is not the center she will walk away. She will leave this invisible prison and hope of a future. She will walk with Christ and not look back. Is restoration possible? Anything is possible with Jesus at the center.

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