Why do I have to love people?

As an extreme introvert and as a person who holds on to old wounds like my life depended on it, I sometimes find loving others difficult. It is not that I do not want to love others, it is that I am afraid. I want to but yet I am to afraid to do it. Then I try and someone pokes my wound. Ouch!!! I run back to what I do best. Solitude with God.

I am not saying solitude with God is a bad thing. Actually it is a great thing but to much of a great thing may be bad. Why does God call me to love others? I think there are a lot of reasons but the most important reason that resonates in me is because it is good for ME. Yes it heard me right. Jesus’s greatest commandment of loving other people is what is best for ME, it is what is healthy for ME and it is a form of serving myself. Oh my, did I just say it was ok to serve myself, is that sinful? No, it is Jesus’s commandment.

When I change this view inside myself I stop seeing loving others as a sacrifice. I start seeing it as my own personal medicine. I think this can also be said of people that have the opposite problem. People that focus on loving other people so much that they forget about loving God. Why do we need to love God, because it is the best medicine in existence.

We do no always like the taste of medicine but when you get used to it and see the effects in your life you start desiring it. It becomes a necessity. You look back and think how did I ever survive without this. Loving God and loving other people is the best medicine. If you are having trouble loving people effectively consider seeing a professional counselor. They are experts on human relationships. This is what they study. Maybe you will learn how to love people better and also serve yourself at the same time. It is not a weakness to ask for help, it is a sign of humbleness, maturity and wisdom. Amen

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