What is God’s Love Language?

When we talk about loving people we often talk about the love languages or how a person receives love. But what about God. We are supposed to be loving him. But how do you love God? How does God receive love? For we can be doing a wonderful job of loving other people but if we are not also loving God then we are missing a gigantic component.

After asking the question, how do we love God, I just kind of scratched my head. I never thought about it before.

So here is what I came up with. God has all the love languages we do for we are made in his image. Ultimately it is the heart that loves but it translates into action. I do not think this is an exhaustive list but what most resonated in me.

1. Quality time- spend time with God. You do not even have to be doing anything. You can just sit quietly with him. It’s quiet peaceful to just sit with God

2. Words of affirmation- worship is a form of this. But also practicing thankfulness, gratitude and words about his greatness. Praising him.

3. Service- how do you serve God, you serve the least of these, you serve the body of Christ

4. Gifts- give to God’s kingdom

5. Physical touch- this one was hard for me but I think taking care of God’s creation and his temple, ie your body is kind of like physical touch.

You can be the most loving person and show all the love to others in the world but if you are not loving God you are still not fulfilling Jesus greatest commandment. We should never get so caught up in people that we forget about our God. Amen

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