The Broken Girl

Release #4 of Broken Girl Series

The broken girl looks at her hands. They are covered in dirt. She looks at her feet, they too are covered in dirt. What could she possibly do with these dirty hands and feet? What if everything she touches shatters just like her? What could she possibly do as a broken child of God? She asks a man what could I do for God? He looks her in the eye and says we cannot use a broken, dirty girl. She walks away discouraged for he affirmed what she already believed. But God tells the broken girl I can use you, for my glory will be seen through your brokenness. She looks to Jesus in hope until she comes across another man. Mr. Man what can I do for God? He looks at her puzzled, you need to be healthy, you need to be made anew. The broken girls walks away with tears in her eyes, I thought Jesus said I am healthy and made anew. I just have a broken body. Jesus takes the broken girl, he holds her dirty hands and says, “man sees what mans sees but I see all, know all and I have the authority of all. Follow me and stop asking men for advice. My advice is all you need.” The dirty broken girl stands up and starts to walk. She will follow this Jesus.

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