If the ever existed a King and Queen of questions it would probably be my husband and I. My husband is so extreme. If I counted the number of times he asks “why” a day it would be over a thousand. I am thankful I grew up in an environment where I was encouraged to ask questions about the Christian Faith. I was often looked at with blank stare or an uhhhh reply to my questions but I was allowed to ask question, doubt and contemplate.

Since neither my husband or I were raised in the American church we both developed a good amount of questions and doubts. I think this is normal and healthy. For ultimately the only human that has ever had all the answers and an entirely correct theology was Jesus, God himself. Every other human is just searching and pursuing to understand Heavenly things that will never be fully comprehended or understood while we are in this life.

So you got questions. Good. So do I. That means you are human. That means you are still on this earth. You got doubts. God know and he understands. For me my questions are the biggest source of my journaling with God. I journal about my questions. Do I always get an answer right then? No. Actually hardly ever. But I am always shocked when I go back in my journals, read my old questions and they are no longer questions. I either no longer care about the answer or have an answer that I feel at peace with.

When you are in a relationship with someone do you ask them questions? Do you sometime doubt them? I know I question and doubt my husband all the time. I do this with my relationship with Jesus. But at the end of the day I work through it with my husband and I do the same with Jesus. The wrestling is not only beautiful, it makes it real. Otherwise it would not be a relationship.

So to those who have questions, doubts and feel confused about things, may you wrestle with Jesus and my he reveal the truth. Amen.

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