A Battle No One Sees

Release #2 of The Broken Girl Series

The broken girl stares at the Bible page, seeing but not reading. People talk to her, it is background noise, she hears but does not listen. She is inside herself, at peace but yet at war with an enemy no one else sees. An enemy no one even knows exists. Who is the enemy? Her own mind, it has been broken so many times that it itself is the battlefield. How did this girl come to be? How is this possible? Why does no one even notice? Why would they, they are to busy with there own lives, their own problems. They just care about themselves. Jesus is furious, he yells inside the girl, keep your eyes ONLY on me. Do not look away, ONLY look at me. The girl obeys for what other option does she have. The others watch her leave oblivious to anything and everything. For they are to focused on themselves to even acknowledge the miracle right in front of them. Who is in your life that you are missing because you are so focus on yourself? What are you going to do about it? Everything starts with prayer.

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