The Journey

Release #1 of The Broken Girl Series

A little girl was born into the world. A world with some joys but many monsters. In her younger years she was oblivious to the monsters for they all looked the same. She packed her bag and went on a journey. She did not even want to go on the journey but was pushed out the door. She meet an older women who shared the good news of this loving God who died so she could be saved. She decided to believe in this God without really knowing much about him. Her journey continued and she learned more and more about the world and about her God And his kingdom. She had so many questions and so many things she was confused about but she kept walking even though she was partially blind. She kept struggling, kept falling, kept having people shove her down and wound her. But she endured it through God strength. She came to a place in her journey that she thought was safe. Finally she thought to herself. I have found a place to rest, I have found a place of refuge. But this safe place had hidden monsters. She was blind and she let them into her refuge. They destroyed it and took all she had. She shattered to a million pieces and was no more. She died inside but she remained faithful to her God, her savior and the hope of eternity with him. She could not move forward on her journey because she no longer had the ability. So God sent a helping hand, then another, then another and they started collecting the broken pieces and gluing them back together. Then God brought a Shepard dog to protect the broken girl so that the monsters would no longer be able to harm her. He has suffered wounds himself but he is now her eyes and her his. The broken girl is still broken but her new self in Christ is alive and well within her. She cannot walk alone so the Good Shepard and Shepard dog carry her so that the journey can continue. So that others may know of this one true God who came to save them.

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