No Earning….

I think there are many reason God refers to himself as our father. For most child-parent relationships when the child is born the father loves the child. There is nothing the child could or could not do to earn this love. Similarly the father yearns to bless the child and keep the child near. None of this is earned. It is a free gift

But, the child can choose to receive the love or be disobedient and throw away the blessing. Furthermore it is a nature of the child to always rebel, assert independence, claim what what they think they should have. All children rebel from their father. It’s human nature.

God wants us to receive faith, he wants to bless us, he wants us to one day join him in heaven. He offers this to us freely. We can not earn it. There is nothing so bad, so messed up that God would refuse us his gift. But you have to choose to receive it. You have to choose to open the gift.

You have nothing to loss, rather only to gain. How do you receive the gift? You believe in the one true God Jesus. This is the greatest miracle of miracles. Salvation, ie the receiving of this gift, is the greatest miracle in history, in the present and in the future. Let Jesus show you who he is, let Jesus love you, let him pour blessing upon you. Get baptized in the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit. Amen

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