I told someone to “please not do that”. They said, “What?” I repeated, “please do not do that.” They said, “what?” The third time I was irritated and frustrated, so a yelled in a irritated tone, “DON’T DO THAT!” They got the message this time but their feelings were wounded. They responded to me, “why are you yelling at me!” My response, well if you got the message the first 2 time I would not have to yell. I did not say this all that gently. This is a common occurrence for me. We have a language barrier, I tend to mumble and others fail to actually concentrate when you speak to them. Our minds are somewhere else, not focused on the present. I am not a very patient person.

One of the things God continues to teach me is patience. For Love is patient, God is patient and we are supposed to be patient. I tend to be more frustrated than patient. But who does my impatience hurt? It hurts me most of all because it steels my peace, takes my joy and harms my relationships. My impatience is harming me most of all.

How do you change a bad habit? You have to work on it and keep working on it until you have trained a new habit. The longer you wait, the longer you let the bad habit go on, the harder it is to change. In times of stress the old bad habit will try to resurface. But you have to keep working on it. You cannot give up. Change is hard. It takes work, discipline, practice but the end result will be beautiful.

What is your bad habit? How can you train to change it? Are you willing to commit to changing your bad habit or are you to afraid to try and fail? Why not walk toward freedom? It may be hard but the challenge is worth the reward. Amen.

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